Student Ministry FAQ's


What is it? SALT is our Servant Adult Leadership Team.


What is its purpose? SALT's purpose is primarily an advisory group to the youth pastor and helps to give direction and support to the youth group. They have meeting's every 2nd Sunday of the month at 12:30pm in the youth wing. New ideas, Sunday school material, and upcoming events are discussed.


Who is a member? SALT is made up of church members who have a commitment to serving our youth by providing care, supervision, spiritual guidance, and helping teens to become fully functioning followers of Jesus Christ. Currently we are made up of mainly the youth Sunday School teachers, but we are open to other church members joining us.


Can other people become members? Who? How? To become a member of SALT you must first be a church member at FBC Fairborn. Talk to Kevin Singerman if you are interested.



"Doulos" Program

What is it? "Doulos" means "servant" in Greek. Our "Doulos" crew is a group of youth who have invested themselves to be leaders in the youth group. These youth do a variety of different things within the youth group. They teach Sunday school on occasion, take down prayer requests, lead small groups, make announcements, greet newcomers, and contact people who haven't been present at church in a while.


What is its purpose? The students involved in "Doulos" are learning what it means to be a part of the church right now. They are using their spiritual gifts to further the work of the ministry.


Who is a member? Anyone that is interested in helping. It is a commitment though. If you are not living up to your commitments you will be removed from you position until you begin to fulfill the necessary requirements again. These youth must meet criteria of being in at least 50% Sunday school attendance and 50% discipleship training (Wednesday night youth).


Can other people become members? Who? How? Yes. If your student is interested they must meet with the youth pastor and go over their particular spiritual gifts. Then they will be assigned a position under a specific mentor.


Youth Accounts

How is money earned? Money is earned from a variety of different means. We have a "Hire a Youth" program where church members can make a request for any number of specific jobs (Lawn mowing, cleanup work, etc..) and then pay the youth via their youth account.


Parents Night Out is an event sponsored by our youth ministry. PNO is normally held on the third Friday of the month from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. There is not a set amount charged to parents, but they are asked to give a monetary gift. The money that is raised is split between the students that help with the children. The norm has been about $30 per student.


We have several events throughout the year where money is raised for our youth. Our church garage sale raises over $1,000 for our youth missions fund. Youth that sign up and help work receive a specific amount in their youth account per minute worked.


Who keeps the records? Kevin Singerman and his secretary keep the records and they update them accordingly.


How do we find out how much is in them? You can contact Kevin Singerman or the church office to find out how much is in your students youth account.


Where is the money kept? Deposits, payments, and money raised by students is given to the church Financial secretary who places it into a designated account line item. Our church financial secretary is the only one who handles the money.


What can they be used for? The money raised in the youth account can be used for any youth event. Ski trips, summer camp, or concerts. If it is planned by the youth pastor, it is able to be paid from the youth account.


Do youth accounts expire? Youth accounts do expire at graduation. Whatever money is left over can be gifted to another student or to a specific youth group fund. Until that point the money raised each year will rollover to the next year.


"Ignite" Student Ministries Moto

"Save the lost. Revive the saved. Train them all."


"Ignite" Student Ministries Core Values


We are to honor God and each other in our actions and attitudes (Romans 12:10, 17)


We are to encourage each other, never swear, gossip, or insult others (Romans 12:14-16)


We are to serve God in all things and serve each other (Romans 12:11, 20)


We are to show love in all situations regardless of the circumstances (Romans 12:9, 14, 16, 21)


Purpose of our youth programs

Sunday School: Our Sunday school is in place to train our students to understand who God is and who they are before Him. Help them to understand the importance of having salvation and a real relationship with God. (Revive the saved)


Sunday Night "Lift": Sunday nights are mainly an outreach to lost students. These nights consist of fun activities that our Christian students can invite friends to and foster interest in our youth programs. (Save the lost)


Wednesday Night "Ignite": These nights are reserved for discipleship training. The lessons taught are directed at Christian students who want to grow in their walk with God. (Train them all)

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