Minister of Worship - Rev. Daniel Young


I was born in Frederick, Maryland, two days before Thanksgiving 1985. The next day, my parents drove me home, just across the state line to Charles Town, West Virginia. On Thanksgiving Day, my whole family was happy to greet me and hold me and let me know how much they loved me. So I grew up in a loving home where my parents taught me about Jesus.


At the age of four I received Christ into my life. I was too young to even remember it, but my parents tell me I understood my decision. A couple of years later, I was interested in getting baptized. I remember the pastor from our church coming over to our house. He asked me about my understanding of salvation and why I wanted to get baptized. I told him I was a sinner and needed Christ to enter my heart and to wash away my sin. I made a decision to receive Him, and I wanted to get baptized to let everyone know about my decision. I satisfied all the pastor’s questions, so he baptized me.

Over time I matured in every way – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. When I got to college, my parents no longer determined whether or not I went to church. All of my beliefs about God and the Bible were up to me. During my first semester there, I took a class called Humanity and the Cosmos. The professor debated some topic every week, and he used examples from Scripture that I didn’t recognize. I was embarrassed to say I believed the Bible, but I didn’t know what my professor was talking about half of the time.

So I decided the only thing to do was to read the Bible from cover to cover, and I found the Word of Life really does have life-giving power. Through reading the Bible, I came to relate personally to Jesus Christ through the Spirit who sustains the joyfulness of my spirit every day. Now I can attest through my own experience, the Bible is relevant in my life.

Just as a person becomes more like the friends he hangs around with, I am becoming more like Christ as I read the Holy Bible. As I engage with eternal truth, I tend to count the temporary treasures in this world as inconsequential. Romans 12:2 reminds me, “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Since 2013 I have served on staff at First Baptist Church in Fairborn, Ohio. I met my wife Nikki at a Tuesday night Bible study in the same year, and we got married in 2017.

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