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Ask HIM Again

I know, I know…you’ve already asked Him a million times; I see those eyes rolling! But today, ask Him a million and one. YES! Ask Him AGAIN!

Ask Him again for that child to come home.

That marriage to be healed.

That mountain to move.

Ask Him again for that friendship to mend.

That work to begin.

That end-of-tunnel light to appear.

Ask Him again for the one that needs rescue, the one who needs healing, the one who needs new direction, new guidance, new focus. YES!

Even if that ‘one’ is you. Ask Him again for what you need. For what you want. For joy in the sorrow. Help in the struggle. A sip of living water in the heat of your schedule…and the time to just sit at the well, AMEN?

Ask Him AGAIN!

Ask Him again to provide springs in your land; and while you’re at it, give thanks for that land, no matter how dry it is now, knowing He’s given it to you with good purpose. YES! Ask Him again.

Ask Him again to dig up the soil and plant the seeds. Ask Him again to stir up and settle, make and remake, pour out His peace that passes all understanding, because frankly; you could use a hefty dose about now. Yes and AMEN!

Ask Him again for all that seems lost and all that seems nowhere even near the city of possible…and ask Him believing He can! YES! Ask Him AGAIN!

Not because you don’t think He heard you the first million times, but because you are realizing the longer you (truly) live, that persistence is a pretty strong faith-builder; not to mention how close it keeps you to Him for whom all things are possible and nothing is too hard, and because faith-based strength to persevere and closeness with your Creator is what you REALLY need.

Whew. YES. Absolutely!

Ask Him Again with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit and a passionate resolve that He can and if it’s His Will…HE WILL!

And if not, you will keep on asking; keep on seeking; keep on believing! Because persistent faith is where it’s at. It fastens it’s gaze on hope. The hope that is always three steps (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) ahead, providing the perfect focal point. YES! And it NEVER disappoints! AMEN!

Today, bow low, look up and seek Him AGAIN with prayer partners in the FBC Fairborn Prayer Ministry!


Wanna pray for and stay current with prayer needs of your brothers and sisters in Christ here at First Baptist Fairborn?  Here's how:


Ways to be involved in the prayer ministry:

Telephone Prayer Chain

Prayer requests that come to us through our church’s prayer line will be passed on to you for prayer via a telephone call.


If you have an email address then you can join our ePrayer team and receive prayer requests via email for confidential prayer.

Prayer Room

Intercessors are needed to pray in the prayer room during our Sunday morning worship service. Your commitment would be to pray during the service 4 times a year.

If you attend FBC Fairborn and would like to join this ministry, please speak to our prayer ministry director.


Contact Info:

                     By Phone             937.878.2009

                     By Email    

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